Ubuntu Linux Installed

So it all started with Windows 95 back in 1996, then Windows 98, then XP. After a quick dive into Fedora, it was over to Mac OS X. After going from Panther to Leopard, with a minor foray into Windows 7 using Parallels, it was off to Snow Leopard

And then along came the Ubuntu flavour of Linux. Very quick to launch, not too hard to learn and I get to (start to) understand the inner workings of an OS. I love it.

One quick test I did was compare Moodle on Windows 7 and MySQL with Moodle on Ubuntu running PostgreSQL. 5-10 seconds per page load on W7. 0,5 or less on Ubuntu. And the Ubuntu Linux machine has a lower spec!

This is one OS I’m going to stick with.

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