Magento Widgets Available

In community version 1.4 of Magento a new option to add user-designe widgets will be available. This represents a big step forward for Magento, the shopping cart software to use. For more information see Getting dynamic data onto your pages will be a fairly simple process soon.

(Taken from the Magento blog)

  1. Dynamic product data in Marketing Campaign Landing Pages
  2. Dynamic Information such as Recently Viewed Items into Content Pages
  3. Promotional images to position in different blocks, side columns and other locations throughout the storefront
  4. Interactive elements and action blocks (external review systems, video chats, voting and subscription forms)
  5. Alternative navigation elements (tag clouds, catalog image sliders)
  6. Create interactive and dynamic flash elements easily configured and embedded within content pages for enhanced user experience

A good reason to upgrade from the 1.2 and 1.3 versions, though I’d advise giving 1.4 a few months to bed in.