Windows 7 review on BBC

I’ve just been looking at the BBC review of Windows 7. I ordered a copy a few months back to get it cheap so I’m fairly interested to hear what they have to say. To be honest though, it’s a pretty superficial review as it focuses on the features such as the windows ‘dock’, window resizing and touch screen functionality.

Saying that, I guess that’s what quite a lot of people want to know about, ie how is it different to Vista. I never had Vista so am not particularly interested in that. They do say it’s much lighter. Hopefully, it works better. XP became really bloated with the patches and service packs that went with it, though I wonder how soon it will be before W7 starts demanding similar attention

What I am interested in is running it in parallel to Snow Leopard on my MBP. Boot Camp is installed but VMWare Fusion looks like the best software to use as it allows for a seamless integration of the two systems without them ever confusing each other. I’m not too sure about having to reboot each time I want to use the other OS.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with my Mac. However, I’ve got software for Windows, which I’m hoping will run, that I don’t want to have to buy for the Mac. Admittedly, I’ve become used to using GIMP but the double clicks really get to me after a while. I find Photoshop the more intuitive software but that’s why there’s a hefty price tag to PS and GIMP is free.

Being able to do Flash development is also the thing I’ve missed over the last year or so not having a PC to use my copy of Flash on. Not that I’m some kind of whizz with it but everyone has to start somewhere. Having suffered animation envy for a while now I’m looking forward to getting creative again.