Bird-Feeder for WordPress Tweets

After a quick review of the WordPress plugins available for Twitter (and there are a lot!) I finally plumped for bird-feeder. I only want a lightweight plugin that pushes my blog posts out to twitter using the title as the text. Something that bird-feeder is designed to do and that’s it. I looked at  tweetsuite and tweetmyblog but the first seems to be overkill at the moment and the second feels a bit too self-congratulatory and a bit like you’re talking to yourself too much … give me time – I might change my mind once I get going.

Although new to Twitter, it seems to me a way to get news out to people and to link to more in-depth articles. Having it the other way round would certainly drive traffic to a blog due to the number of links being generated but is it some kind of new link-spam? I’m not sure. Maybe I’m in the minority here but it feels a bit like that. That said, it would be worth experimenting to see the effect – one month without and one month with and see if there’s much difference.