A Coffee at Breakfast for Clarity of Thought

Nine months without posting! I hear the drum roll of the blog executioner fed up with yet more wasted space on the Internet. It really is a discipline that you need to rigidly stick to. What’s the maxim of the author? Get up. Write 100 words before breakfast irrespective of how rubbish they are. Review them after breakfast and tidy them up. After 50 days you’ll have a 40,000-60,000 word novella give or take that’s not a first take.

Of course, you would need to be a bit of a morning person, or at the very least have a restful sleep leaving your mind free of cares at the start of the next day; in addition to being able to remember what it was you had to do that morning, other than make your kids porridge, put the cat out/let the cat in, put the washing on, tidy up, remember to get dressed …

Freelance work can take over a bit as the time you would spend mulling things over and trawling huge numbers of web pages tends to be taken up trying to work out why a piece of code you added isn’t working or which one of the WordPress plugins is causing the conflict. Organising your time is one option, so that you spend a certain amount of time on one thing and then switch to another. However, this is terribly difficult as once you get into a script or are re-designing a site you get carried away with it, and it feels like you’re writing a new book. The design of the code and the pages take over and taking a couple of hours over a 100×100 pixel icon is not unknown.

One of the easier things to do (for some I admit, not for others) is strip away the distractions, the email, the tweets, the urge to check for the latest news, the need to read that latest piece on HTML5, or watching the next episode Homeland/The Waking Dead/The Killing etc. Being self-centred does have its advantages at times.

So, where am I going in this rambling thread of a post. I guess it’s about admitting a certain amount of self-discipline is necessary to not only ensure you get through many of the things you want to do but also that urges to bash away for hours on a single thing do need to be checked at times.

And doing the latter can actually provide you with the fresh hours of an author fresh from their breakfast coffee.

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